I'm a southern progressive, musician, entertainment technician, and political strategist and Communications Director. From a military family, I was born on Fort Gordon Army Base outside of Augusta, Georgia. The first home I remember was Louisville, Georgia, in Jefferson County. Built to be the capital of the state, and the location where the University of Georgia was chartered, Louisville has been passed by in the years since then. However, in 2020, the City Council showed true leadership by voting to finally remove the slave market that still stands in the center of town over some local objections. 
My parents are teachers and organizers. My mother worked for Boys and Girls Club of America for most of her career after leaving the classroom; eventually managing the Middle Georgia Region, creating the TBS Partnered Drama Program for clubs to utilize, spearheading the creation of a video-game creation lab for interested students to utilize, and serving as Director of the M.I.R.A.C.L.E.S.  program funded by the Department of Defense. She taught me to serve my community and uplift the voices of those who have been shut out. My father teaches middle-school Math at Harlem Middle School in Harlem, Georgia, the home of silent film stars Laurel and Hardy.
In 2013, while attending Gainesville State College, now the University of North Georgia, I took a position with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs that would change the trajectory of my life. As the media specialist for the Diplomats for Diversity - a unique program that paid student facilitators to cover for absent professors with workshops on diversity and multiculturalism, I became an ally to one of the strongest organizing forces in the State of Georgia - DACA and DAPA recipients. Their struggles became my struggles, including the fight against At-Large Voting in Gainesville, Georgia, the battle to end 287g and ICE-cooperation with law enforcement, and relief for our undocumented sisters and brothers carrying all the weight of society with none of the support. 
Inspired by his 2016 Presidential Campaign, I organized one of the first Sanders events in the State of Georgia, and served as Comms Chair and a Founding Organizer of Our Revolution Georgia: an alliance of progressive activists and electeds across the state. Through our efforts, volunteer power, donations, and national endorsements were secured for dozens of candidates including Minority Leader Stacey Abrams' successful-but-stolen campaign for Governor of the State of Georgia. I  proudly served on the field team for "Father K" Reverend Khader El-Yateem in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn under now Assemblyman Zohran Mamdani. Looking back, the doors I missed or gave up on too soon are my only regret. I was at Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' initial campaign kickoff meeting and recommended her endorsement to a member of the DSA Electoral Committee and am proud to have lived to see that person go on to work for her reelection campaign directly. 
I helped run Daniel Blackman's campaign for Georgia State Senate and proudly note that his bid marked the first campaign by a person of color in Forsyth County history. Some other proud moments that I am honored to have witnessed or contributed to include: 
Craig Owens for Cobb Sheriff's current campaign to replace the racist, incompetent good ol' boy incumbent Sheriff Neil Warren. Warren's "leadership" has resulted in fifty detainee deaths over the past decade as the man launders campaign contributions through a children's charity.
khalid kamau's successful election to South Fulton City Council as the first Black Lives Matter activist elected to office in the country.
Devin Pandy's longshot, progressive bid for Georgia's 9th Congressional District against Gun-Store Owner and Doug Collins acolyte Andrew Clyde. Devin is likely the first Belizean ever nominated to Congress, and our campaign's greatest moments were often speaking on Belizean Radio or News and giving people something to hope for in 2020.
Co-Founding the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund and working in coalition with multicultural arts organizations fighting for equal representation and respect of their entire selves within the American Theatre. 
Managing the endorsement process for Our Revolution Georgia in the 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary and writing our endorsement of Minority Leader Stacey Abrams - which was featured in a national Politico article and Buzzfeed News. 

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